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Leaders of Tomorrow 2008 (LOT)  was  held in Ameriplan's corporate office in Plano, TX on October 3-4, 2008.

This special event was by invitation only and Ameriplan  handpicked 50 people out of 50,000 IBO's to attend Leaders of Tomorrow.

The people that were invited to  Leaders of Tomorrow  2008 were  flown to Ameriplan's corporate office. This is an elite FULL-EXPENSE paid trip for a training seminar.

As they arrive the corporate office, the Divisional Vice President of Sales and staff members greeted them as they arrived into the building.   That evening, they received a wonderful welcome reception.

The next two days,  they received intensive training from Ameriplan's National Vice Presidents.   They also had  an opportunity to personally meet the owners of Ameriplan, Dennis and Daniel Bloom.

I know when I first attended a Leaders of Tomorrow...... I left the event with even more belief in the company and this opportunity! While at the event, I realized that AmeriPlan is an emotional business and I felt the compassion of many and seeing how people's lives have been changed because of AmeriPlan.

To be considered for  Leaders of Tomorrow 2009 you need:
To be an SRSD and above
To  be consistently adding members/ibos to your business every month

If you are an RSD or if you are very close to moving to RSD, please contact your enroller so you can strategize how you can attend the next Leaders of Tomorrow. 
Tips on how to get elected:
1.  Add new ibo or members to your business every month consistently (starting today ).

Below you will find testimonials from  Leaders of Tomorrow 2008: (more to follow)

Paige Lombardi, NSD
I am honored and thankful to have been chosen to attend the Leader's of Tomorrow.  Corporate went out of their way to make us feel special!  Beautiful hotel, lots of food and the red carpet laid out for our welcome!  It was an amazing experience to meet other Leaders from the FAH team who I hear on Training Calls and see in emails and it was great to meet IBOs from other teams, as well and hear how they approach their business growth.  The National Vice Presidents each had training and strategies that they shared and I came away with some great quotes from the guest speaker, Bryan Dodge (i.e. "Goals are a responsibility, not an Option." and "The less excuses you let in, the more room you have for opportunity to come in.").  It will be fun to follow the progress of this LOT Class of 2008 during the coming year and beyond!  I can't wait to see more team members enjoy this experience!

Linda Platt, ESD
I was honored to receive an invitation for an all expense paid trip to The Leaders of Tomorrow 2008! The entire experience was filled with training from all the successful NVP's which was priceless! Hearing them all sharing their experience, knowledge was so valuable. Also, getting to meet them on a individual basis was an honor. I felt like royalty from all the Vice Presidents/Sales from all the Divisions of AmeriPlan®. AmeriPlan® truly made everything special from the trip to the hotel. I enjoyed meeting other LOT participants, talking and getting to know them. I am grateful, inspired, motivated by the whole experience, PRICELESS!

Laura Cloose, SRSD/SRT (soon to be NSD!!!)
I was so excited when I got the call in August to attend LOT in October.  So much so that I accepted the invitation before considering the major deciding factor.  That being whether I could attend or not and that deciding factor was my little 6 1/2 month old Mommy-fed Lillie.  I was able to work out all the particulars and even got my hubby to come with to watch her.  We made it a mini family vacation but w/o my presence for 2 of the days.  I had a blast getting to mingle with other FAHT members and leaders on a smaller scale.  I was so in awe the whole weekend.  People at corporate kept saying how proud they were of us and giving us all the congrats for getting this far.  It was truly an amazing event and one that I won't ever forget.  Rumor has it they are going to try to start doing these every 6 months.  I can't wait for my team members to attend and set their businesses into full bloom!

Tiffany Wright, Executive Sales Director
What an honor and privilage it was to be chosen for Leaders of Tomorrow 2008!  It was so great to meet the Dennis & Daniel Bloom, the NVPs, Corporate DVPs and their Assistants, and the amazing group that was also chosen for this event!!!! It was so refreshing to see how genuine they are, and the support that's provided!  Not to mention the red carpet greetings, excellent food, and positive energy, it was all so surreal!!!!  I learned SO MUCH great information, I was scrambling to write as much down as I could so I could review and retain as much as possible!! We already know how great an opportunity that's provided to us, but the investment that's made in us is truly priceless! I know I will remember this, all the GREAT things I learned, and the landmark it has become in my business for years to come!

Amy Sun
I was incredibly honored to be chosen as an attendee at the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) training for 2008.  From start to finish the program was well planned, efficient and made me feel like a queen!  The food - wow, that alone was worth the trip!  But more than anything the training and advice that we learned from the NVP's with AmeriPlan was a highlight for me.  I took copious notes and have been pouring over them, trying to discern what changes and tweeks I can make to what I'm already doing so that I can be more successful in the future.  As I look at pictures from the group who attended in 2007 and see they are all the top of the FAHT now, I know that in a year from now I will be also!  Thank you AmeriPlan!!

Winnie Woodie
I am so honored to have attended the Leaders of Tomorrow conference this Oct 2008.  All I can think of are two words: commitment and vision as that was the focus.  We the IBO's provide the commitment while the Bloom Brothers and our incredible National Vice Presidents and DVP's invest their vision to help us grow our business and our belief in ourselves.  Thank God for the Freedom at Home Team and this Leaders of Tomorrow Training--with a company and vision like this--all of us can succeed when we commit to this business. 

Reginald Stininson
I'm so excited to have been invited to attend leaders of tomorrow conference 2008. The information brought forth contained so much value. To be in the presence of the National Vice Presidents and the future leaders of Ameriplan is an life changing experience. It's an honor to be recognized among the best of the best and I know this experience will help me soar to the top in Ameriplan.

Sherry Albert
Leaders of Tommorow was such an awsome experience.  I was honored to meet all the other team members that I usually speak with over the phone or hear on the weekly calls.  Janie & Michael are a very loving and warm hearted couple.  Our corporate office is beautiful.  It was a pleasure to meet Dennis & Daniel Bloom after working for them for so long.  Ameriplan really does roll out the red carpet - - they fed us like kings and queens and put us in a beautiful Marriot Hotel.  It does'nt get any better.  I can't wait to go to Detroit Michigan to attend the Blast, then off to Mexico!  See all of you there!

Michelle Stefferson, SESD
Wow!  What an Awesome Journey that I am on!  Ameriplan just keeps giving and giving!

I started my Journey with this AWESOME Company in June of 05.
I needed to find something that I could do from my home and Find it I did!

Being invited to Leaders of Tomorrow really just confirmed for me what I knew all along. The Training is above all and They really do roll out the Red Carpet for you. We were all treated like Kings and Queens.

Corporate met us at the hotel and greeted us with love, hugs and more hugs. Then off to the Corporate Headquarters where the Red Carpet Came out where we were greeted again. They Knew us by name, Shook our Hands and The Loving Warmth that you received cannot be put into words.

There really isnt Anything that can discribe it all.
Yes, you must go to National events as you'll see the face and Heart of this Awesome Company And Going to "Leaders of Tomorrow" just Brings it full circle.
I have taken with me That Love, peace, and excitement and all the Learning and Networking from this event. It will be carried with me for the rest of my life.
So, work your business consistently with a never ending passion and perservere especially through the toughest times.

With Many Many Blessings,
Michelle Stefferson
Senior Executive Sales Director

Set goals, stay positive and focused, work hard, never ever give up, & don't let anyone tell you it can't be done! Ameriplan� will change your life!

Chris Taylor, ESD/ET

Leaders of Tomorrow was the most EMPOWERING Ameriplan event of my Ameriplan career!  The power of recognition should never be underestimated - ever, ever ever!  (Especially if you think you don't need it -  like I did. lol)

I am a better leader Today as a direct result of being a part of Leaders of Tomorrow 2008.

The up close and personal training from our Amazing NVP's was priceless.  They shared openly and honestly with all of us.   This Corporate TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) event has changed me for the better.  Dennis and Daniel Bloom absolutely know what they are doing! 

I will share this new knowledge and heartfelt appreciation with my Team. I encourage each and every business partner to reach for Leaders of Tomorrow 2009 because it is going to change everything for you!!

Thank you Dennis, Daniel, Janie, all the NVP's, DVP's, DSM's, managers, staff and of course my immediate coaches - Rebecca Lomis-Stephan, NSD and Anita Houser, NSD - without you this would not have been possible!

Traci Wright, , SRSD
I recently had the pleasure of being invited to attend "Leaders Of Tomorrow" in Plano, Texas.

It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.  Having gone to our Corporate Headquarters
and meeting everyone from our National Vice Presidents to Dennis and Daniel Bloom, I was able to see
how much they truly care about us.  They are all here for each and everyone of us and they want
all of us to have success with AmeriPlan.  I feel very honored to have been chosen as a Leader of
Tomorrow and now I REALLY know that "it is not a matter of IF - it is a matter of When"  that I
will achieve a six figure income and I will achieve all of my goals with AmeriPlan.

Traci Wright
SRSD AmeriPlan USA
Leaders of Tomorrow 2008

Liz Bondar, SRSD
AWESOME!  I guess that is the best word top describe my experience at the Leaders of Tomorrow Training.  Attending LOT was my first ever Ameriplan event and WOW, what a way to start!  There are too many words to describe what it was like to be hosted by Dennis and Daniel Bloom and the Divisional Vice Presidents!  During the event I think I experienced every emotion possible:  excitement for what the future holds for my team, awe-struck at the vision that has continued on for 16 years and is still thriving, laughter for the great times and funny moments, sadness for the diversities everyone of us has had to overcome to get to this point in our lives, tears of joy for many accomplishments recognized, seriousness when soaking up the training and finally blessed for the having been given the opportunity to be at this event and to be working for the company!

My name is Liz Bondar and I am a wife, stay-at-home mom, and Senior Regional Sales Director with Ameriplan®.  August 7,2007 was a life changing day, when I said yes to working with the company.  At the time I was not looking for a home based business, but was searching for some a way that my mother could save on her dental work. Then one day while out at an Olive Garden Restaurant, I was given a card by Amy Letts.  Little did I know what was in store for me!   When I researched the company and realized what the dental plan could do for my mother I was sold as a member!  It wasn't until I called Amy and started talking with her that she asked me "Would you like to get the ongoing commission for your mom or would you like me to get it?"   And now the rest is history!

In the past year I have been with Ameriplan® I never really new the magnitude of what is in store for my team, my family and I, until I was picked for Leaders of Tomorrow.  I was honored and speechless to think that I could be chosen for something so great!  This was my first Ameriplan® event and I am so thankful to everyone who had a hand in getting me there!  Thank you SO MUCH to my entire upline: Amy, Paige, Becky, especially Janie and for Jim Hardin listening to their suggestion to pick me!  Thank you also to my team for cathcing the vision and continuing to work had at your business, without you I would not have the opportunity to be a leader!  Attending this event has changed my outlook on life, my family, my business and myself!  I always knew I had the ability to be a great leader but felt like I was never really given the opportunity to put that into action.  This company has given me that opportunity to finally harness my abilities and be successful not just for a Corporation but for myself in my own business!

The great thing about this company is that each and everyone of us has the same opportunity to be great and attend Leaders of Tomorrow, once you have reached SRSD.  My advice to anyone who is just getting into this business or to anyone who has been with the company for a while and not reached their goals is to harness that God given ability that you have within you to be a leader by working on personal development.  Get on the training calls, attend other Ameriplan events, read success books, have a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive influences and when you do those things you will change as a person and become a great leader.  Your business will begin to grow leaps and bounds and you will begin to see the fruits of your labor!  I know there are great things to come for each and everyone of you if you just stay consistent with your business and apply these three key words in your business:  Desire, Determination, Dedication!  That is how I work my business and have been able to succeed above my wildest dreams and there is still more to come!

Debbie Tuley
National Sales Director
Attending LOT surpassed my expectations again with Ameriplan. They are always so gracious during events, but I can say they went above and beyond anyone's expectations; they treated us as if we were already NVPs!  At the end of the conference we all envisioned our pictures on the NVP Wall. And, the best part is Janie and the other leaders did as well!

Their leadership training was phenomenal and I believe everyone including the National Vice Presidents came home with ideas and even more energy to help their team. And, a very significant part of the trip was getting closer with our FAHT friends and meeting new ones while sharing ideas along the way.

Thank you Janie, and Becky and all the NSDs for this honor!

Debbie Tuley
National Sales Director

Patti Triplett, SRSD
Wow!  How amazing!!  I'm so honored to have been chosen to go to Leaders of Tomorrow!!  This is such an awesome company to go all out and "lay out the red carpet" for us.  They paid for everything, provided us great meals every day, and just made us feel so special!!!  What an experience!!!  I came back with my mind moving "150 miles an hour" from all the training we received!!  I can't wait to use everything I learned to help this team to the next level and beyond!

Thank you Dennis and Daniel, Janie and Michael, and all the other NVP's and DVP's that gave their time to make my very first trip to Dallas so wonderful!

Thank you so much!

Patti Triplett, SRSD

Kristie Wooten
National Sales Director
Leaders of Tomorrow was sooo very special to me!!  To be one of 50 out of all of AmeriPlan to be chosen for this event was an incredible honor.  The event was absolutely was nothing short of amazing!!!!  The excitement started the second we walked into the lobby of the hotel when you and all the DVPs were there clapping for us and greeting us.  Then they literally rolled out the red carpet for us at the corporate office and the dining and hotel was top of the line.  They certainly know how to make us feel like royalty.  It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE AmeriPlan, it's is my heart.  And, I love how Corporate just loves US right back!!!

The training at the event was PHENOMENAL!!!! Hearing from all the NVPs was the highlight for me!!  Each of them have something very different to offer AmeriPlan and all of us.  I was sooo inspired by all of them.  I've met the NVPs before at Corporate events but this event was much more quaint.  We were able to get closer to them and learn from them.  All of them are totally down to earth and you can tell they all take so much pride in helping us to be successful.  I am so grateful to them for everything they taught us.  I've been to many corporate events, but this one was HANDS DOWN THE best event ever!  Leaders of Tomorrow needs to be a goal that every IBO sets for themselves right along with pin level and  income level promotions.  It was truly priceless!!!!

Marjorie Butler, ESD
I absolutely LOVED Leaders of tomorrow!  We were able to receive extensive training from our National Vice Presidents.  I  am excited to take my business to a new level now!   I look forward to seeing more people from my team be invited in the years to come.  I was able to take some time and reflect on my goals. It was great to be in the company of Incredible Leaders!  An invaluable experience!

Terri Medine, SRSD
WOW! Being chosen for Leaders of Tomorrow was such an honor. Who would have ever thought that out of 50,000 IBOs I would be one of the 50 chosen? Certainly not me! Ameriplan® has to be the best company ever. I have believed in Ameriplan® from the beginning but to actually get to see the corporate office and meet the ones who started this company 16 years ago made everything even more real! I was able to meet “THE” Janie and Michael Jones, which was such an honor. I love listening to Janie’s calls and already felt like I knew her but to meet her face to face and talk to her was fantastic. She is so down to earth as was everyone. Meeting others on our team was so great. I loved each and every person and sharing ideas and stories. We have an amazing team. When you see different emails that say, The FAHT ROCKS. Well, it really does. I am sooo thankful to be on this team.

Dennis and Daniel Bloom are so humble and do not mind spending lots of money to show their appreciation. You know, when we truly think about it, getting a letter in the mail from Dennis and Daniel saying they appreciate what we do would have been an honor and would have probably made all of us feel so special. BUT….no, that is not enough for them. They showed how much they care by flying all of us to the corporate office, corporate meeting us at the Hotel that they paid for, and then rolling out the red carpet for us as we went into the corporate office. Not to mention they fed us GOOD. The food was amazing.

The training was so GREAT!!! I have gained so much from listening to all of the NVPs share different aspects of building our businesses and being leaders. I have so much to apply and share with my team. There were endless nuggets to take away from this event. My dream is to see my team get to attend Leaders of Tomorrow and move to the TOP with Ameriplan®.

This is an event that everyone should strive to attend. It takes consistent work but as we always say in this business, “Is it always easy?” the answer to that is NO, it is not always easy. However, It is ALWAYS WORTH IT!!!!

I have to thank everyone for all you have done to help me along the way. Kelly Fuller, you are awesome. Thanks for taking the time every Monday morning for a year to train me. Shona Hill without you, I would have been lost. Thanks for setting a great example for me to pass on to my team!

To my wonderful team…I am here to help you reach your goals and make all of your dreams come true! You sooo deserve to attend Leaders of Tomorrow. You’re next so let’s get it going!

I love Ameriplan®!!!!
Terri Medine-Dunlap, Senior Regional Sales Director

Tammy Rossilli, SESD
I am so honored to have been given the invitation to attend Leaders of Tomorrow 08. Wow a Company saying to you " You are doing an awesome job, we see your potential - Thank You" is so rare - actually unheard of! I certainly never experienced that in my JOB before.  I learned so much about myself and my business. We were able to hear and learn from all the NVP's - different styles, which was so enlightening. I have so many notes, which I will reference to for a very long time. To hear that they were also LOT attendees, right where I was, made it surreal. We do all have the potential to go to the very top of this company - and we all will. I have the vision of that so clear in my mind thanks to attending this awesome event. Thank You Dennis, Daniel, all the NVP's and the DVP's for the treasured memories and the belief in me.

Vicki Crabtree, NSD
Wow!  Leaders of Tomorrow 2008 was everything I had hoped it would be and so, so much more!  In the time that I have been with this company, I have been amazed over and over again at the lengths they will go to support their IBOs.  This was just another example of going "above and beyond".

To know that less than 50 people were chosen from the entire company for this honor is quite humbling.  I look at the list of people who have gone to this event before us, and I see the great things they have done for themselves, their families, and their teams, and it's amazing to think that I am on that same path!  I have the same tools they had.  I've been given the same opportunity.  Now, I must take the same ACTION!!

From Fatima's HILARIOUS way of making the now famous statement, "If you're going to Stack..STACK IN STYLE!!", to Janie's humble and gentle way of saying, "If I can do it...why not YOU?"  It's just amazing to see how invested the NVPs, DVPs, and founders of this company are in each and every one of us.

Thank you for the honor!!  I can not WAIT to see my team mates being invited to this same conference next year, and in years to come!  MAKE IT A PERSONAL GOAL!!!!  Put it on the board!!  MAKE IT HAPPEN!!  Some day I plan to come back as an NVP and continue the tradition of Leading by example!

Vicki Crabtree
National Sales Director

Leaders Of Tomorrow 2008 Attendee

Christina Wiler, NSD
What a huge honor and privilege to be selected to attend the Leaders of Tomorrow conference.  Corporate greated us when we arrived and each morning when we got off the bus at the corporate office.  We were treated and fed like royalty!

I really left there with a secure feeling that I  AM the future of this company and that corporate believes in me 100%.

The very best part was meeting everyone from corporate and visiting the actual location of our corporate offices.  It really solidified everything for me.  Getting to listen to and  soak up advice from all 9 NVP's and 6-figure income earners was incredible.  Each one of them had something valuable to give to us to help push us to the next level.

I had the honor of having 2 of my team members attend LOT as well.  My goal is to have even more of my team leaders attend the next  one.

If you want to go on to be a six figure income earner with this company or an NVP even, then you ABSOLUTELY want to go to a Leaders of Tomorrow conference. So set your goals now and plan to be there!!

Shara Benton, SRSD
Leaders of Tomorrow was an AMAZING event that holds a special place in my heart!!! To know, that out of so many wonderful people, I was chosen to attend, means more to me than any amount of words can express! From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty by everyone from the Corporate office. The DVPs greeted us at the door - where the red carpet laid! The hotel accomodations, dining, and everything was wonderful!

All of the National Vice Presidents were so giving! To be trained by the most successful people in the company is absolutely an HONOR!! Each NVP brought something different to the table. Their enthusiasm was contagious! The training was very deep and so much more than I could have ever imagined! I am so grateful for everything I learned, all the people I got to meet, and for everything corporate did for us!!

You just have to be there to experience it fully!

Shara Benton
Senior Regional Sales Director

Jennifer May, ESD
Wow! Leader's of Tomorrow was AMAZING! I am so Thankful and Blessed to have been chosen!!! What is so Awesome, is ANYONE can go... doesn't matter where you are at in this business, you CAN do this! LOT had so much Information, Inspiration, and Motivation! The NVP's, Corporate and the DVP's were all so Great, we really felt like royalty!!! The All expense paid trip where they ACTUALLY rolled out the Red Carpet for us, was more than I could have asked for!!! The knowledge, the heart, and the passion that we got out of this experience will change all of our businesses and lives here on out!!! I was sooo Excited before but now it is even beyond Excitement because of LOT!!!

For anyone who is Reaching for the Sky and wanting their Dreams to come true with this Company and the Freedom at Home Team, it CAN be done, and it WILL if you work it! Stay Consistent and Positive... KNOW you Will be there, and BELIVE you will be the next Leader's of Tomorrow and it will be accomplished!

Jennifer May, ESD

Theresa Dosch, NSD
Leaders of Tommorrow was an unbelievable experience and honor that I will never forget and one that I want EVERY member of my team to experience!   From the initial greeting at our beautiful hotel by all the Divisional Vice Presidents, to walking down a red carpet to the phenomenal training and 5 start meals, we were truly treated like royalty!  Everyone was exceptionally nice, friendly and welcoming.  All of the NVP's were helpful and approaching and it was such a small setting, you really got to spend time with and learn from all the leaders in the company.   I feel more than ever that I am absolutely in the right place at the right time with the right company AND on the right team!  Janie and MIchael spent so much quality time with us and it was heartwarming to get to know them better.  They believe in all of us and are committed to your success!

I am not embarrassed to say, that I cried when I walked into corporate offices.  I think what impressed me the most was to see the humble beginnings of two men's vision and how they made their dreams come true a thousand times over.  I was humbled and honored to be chosen for LOT 2008 and am proud to work for a company who's growth and potential are only superceded by the size of it's heart.

The fact that I get to help people EVERYDAY while earning additional income for my family's needs is a true blessing.

LOT helped strenthen my resolve and my goals to help every team member who is committed to the business and their success achieve their victory in 2009 and be chosen for the next LOT.   We truly have the the Golden Opportunity in the palm of our hands and to share it with others is not only a privledge but an honor. 

Kim Schilt
Executive Sales Director
"Leaders of Tomorrow 2008", what an amazing event to be apart of and to be invited to.  What feeling it was to be with all the TOP team members and MOST of them from our team...the Freedom At Home Team.  Meeting all the NVP's and hearing their stories and learning from them and how they became successful with their businesses.  Leadership is a VERY important part of your business and I learned so much from all of them.  Different techniques of leading our teams.  We had incredible speakers that kept calling us the "cream of the crop" which just blew me away...we were on our way to the TOP, and it is right around the corner.

I have accomplished so much over the past 2 years and thinking back from when I first started back in October 2006, knowing absolutely nothing about this business and really where to begin, and now, I am so amazed at what time and patience can really do.  All of you out there, be PATIENT, it will happen for you and you too can work towards this amazing event next year, The "Leaders of Tomorrow 2009".  All of you can do it.

When we all first got there we were greeted by Corporate and treated like Kings and Queens along with the red carpet.  What an incredible feeling, to part of an organization like this that believe in you and recognize ALL that you do and show that they truly care about you.  You will not find that ANYWHERE.  Spending time with them and all the NVP's and Dennis & Daniel on a one on one basis really just made it all so exciting, I felt like I was in the "Twilight Zone".

I am so proud to be apart of Ameriplan and being on the BEST team there is in this organization.  All you guys are the BEST and will always have a piece of my heart.  You are ALL like family and we all treat each other with respect and admiration....and cheer each other on.  What an incredible team.

I look forward to seeing my team members move up and attend this event and I know ALL of you can do it.....just be patient and keep moving forward.

All of the National Events that Ameriplan has for you, be there.  They do change the course of your business and teach you so much, it really is VERY important part of your business to be there !!

Good Bless & much success to ALL of you,

Laurel Dowdle, NSD
I am truly honored to have been chosen as one of the attendees of the Leaders of Tomorrow conference for October 2008. I did not realize the magnitude of what I accomplished until I was on the plane on my way to Dallas. I was being recognized for my hard work and no other company I had ever worked with ever did that. Ameriplan's National Vice Presidents and corporate staff provided leadership training to me and 51 other attendees that is empowering us to be the future leaders of Ameriplan. Perisistency and consistency is all you need to be on this all expense paid trip for training that will change your life and your financial future. Thank you Ameriplan!

Leaders of Tomorrow
2008 Attendees cont'd.

Marjorie Butler, TX
Michele Dawodi, TX
Michelle Stefferson, NY
Paige Lombardi, CA
Patti Triplett, OH
Reginald Stinson, TN
Shara Benton, TX
Sherry Albert, FL
Tammy Rossilli, MI
Terri Medine, AR
Theresa Dosch, NJ
Tiffany Wright, MO
Traci Wright, ID
Vicki Crabtree, GA
Waple Francois, FL
Winnie Woodie, NJ

Leaders of Tomorrow
2008 Attendees

Amy Sun, AZ
Amy Letts, FL
Chris Taylor, TX
Christina Wiler, IN
Danielle Browning, CA
Debbie Tuley, CA
Jennifer May, AZ
Karen Brown-Keener,TX
Kathleen Strooband, FL
Kim Schilt, NY
Kristie Wooten, FL
Laura Cloose, MN
Liz Bondar, FL
Laurel Dowdle, NY
Linda Platt, OK