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Janie and Michael Jones along with 38 of  our Freedom at Home Team NSD (see list of our NSD's  below)  will be in attending Ameriplan's National Convention on July 9 thru 11, 2009.

If you are ready to learn from the top  leaders and if you want to have the best year ever,  then register for Ameriplan's National Convention today!

July 9-11, 2009

Dallas, TX



Convention Schedule  
(General Session
panels, workshops & more)

Thursday, July 9th

7:30 am - 12  (FAHT meeting)
 Conference Room:   Cortez

 1:30-5pm (workshops)

Achievers night out

Friday, July 10th
(general session)

Friday night (awards & dinner)

Saturday, July 11th

9am-6pm (general session)

7:30pm - 8:30pm FAHT Team Meeting
 Conference Room:   Cortez

7:30 pm - 11:30  ( Live band) 

celebrating success

 What did an Ameriplan convention do for me?

Janie and Michael Jones, NVPs
What did an Ameriplan convention do for me?   I took my  husband Michael  to his first Ameriplan  event kicking and screaming all the way to Houston, TX in 2004. Michael had seen me try many homebased company and he thought  Ameriplan was another company that I had enrolled in and  was going to lose money.

The convention started and Michael was very quiet.   He had no expression on his face.  I could  tell that in his mind he was already determined that he was going to HATE it and nothing was going to change his mind.  

The event started and as the meeting went on..his expression on his face started changing..then he started saying  "wow, this is incredible, over and over again"  throughout the meeting.

During the lunch break, he started meeting all the fantastic, genuine, warm, caring people in this company - at all levels.  He started seeing that this company cares, delivers on it's promise, and is the best thing around for changing peoples lives!

Now, he is a changed man!  He is always the first one to reserve our convention tickets and book our airline and hotel reservations.  We attended our 2nd companies event in February 2005 and he told me  "I didn't think they could top the last event  but they DID".  Sometimes I think he loves Ameriplan more than I DO!!  From the training and the heartbreaking, yet so inspiring was awesome!

I could have NEVER imagined the number of lives that have been changed through this business.  People from all walks of life are making money, but it's more than that.  It's a company that does not give false hope and that can give someone living in an tiny little house with no lights and no gas and taking cold showers.  But now, they don't have to be concerned whether or not the bills can be paid.  Someone who wanted to end it all numerous times, but now can buy pretty much do whatever he wants - but most importantly, he has his self respect back.  Or Like someone whose favorite aunt was close to death - no need to ask permission "can I go?", no need to figure out how to pay for the trip, no need to worry that if you need to stay by her side a month that your bills will be paid.  I mean, this is priceless!  The stories seemed to be endless. 

But the most amazing thing is the CARING and the FAITH and the COMMITMENT of the founders of Ameriplan  (Dennis and Daniel Bloom).  We are not dollar signs to them - they truly do care!  I've sat next to Daniel and Dennis Bloom and I have seen how tearing they get when ibos walk down the stage to receive their awards.

Yes, I want to make money, but I want to reach out and help people.  I learned from convention that this business is really about caring for people.   If we do that, the money will inevitably follow.

Let me close with a final thought. I would like to say to all of our team members, If you have not made the decision to fully pursue AmeriPlan, make that decision now. You really do not know what is sitting right in front of you...YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT TO DALLAS IN JULY.  We can share other peoples stories with you, but it is nothing like the atmosphere that solidifies this thought - AmeriPlan is REAL and the work that you are doing right now, is worthwhile!

Michael and I and all the leaders in our group want to meet  you at  at Ameriplan's National Convention. We have many of you already that are coming to the convention and we cannot wait until that day arrives.  We are also so looking forward to seeing many of our team members go across the stage to receive their awards and recogition that they deserve.   It will be AWESOME! 

Kelly Fuller, NSD  
It's hard for me to put the energy of convention into words...  I was a reluctant Sr. RSD at my first convention a little over a year and a half ago.  I didn't want to go and spend the money...After all I wasn't making $100K yet!  Janie said, "I'd really like you to go"...  I said, "Okay".  But wasn't excited.  I felt like I didn't need any stupid convention to get me excited about something I was already jumping out of my seat about!  I went with a chip on my shoulder and sat in the audience with my hands folded...  determined to have a bad time.
Then...  I started to hear the hearts of so many brokers that had gone before me.  I started to see the sincere energy of those who've arrived at the finish line...  I saw normal people with a strong  desire to succeed and love of our company .... I watched and listened to EXTRAORDINARY leaders who were humble and dedicated to this company like nothing I've ever seen before...  I unfolded my arms and got into the swing of things....  I took 34 pages of notes and came home and threw up on my team with all the information I had received.  I know what I was carrying inside could not be handed down like worn out jeans.  I knew that the only way I could've brought the message home to my entire team would've been to have them there.
My first convention was January of 2004...  February of 2004, I was the company's 7th highest recruiter on the month.  Someone who averaged 5-8 pieces of business a month...  doubled business with a direct THANK YOU to the convention I'd just attended.  I was on fire.
My wish is to have every broker in my organization at convention.  It's like a training for your J-O-B...  or a computer course that you take to get better in your field...  These conventions sculpt your business.  If you're ready for a break through and want your business to grow to higher grounds...  you need to put in the training necessary.
Convention gives you a BIG PICTURE view of Ameriplan and brings it all together so powerfully.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the old faces...  and especially the new ones.  If you get 1/10th of what I got out of my first convention...  Your business is going to see it in spades.  So make the leap of faith and SHOW UP.  You will not be disappointed.   

Pennie Berk, NSD 

Attending convention is a life altering event.   It will take your business to an entirely new level in a very short amount of time.  You learn from top producers new ways in which to do the business.  You meet your team and spend valuable time with them.  It is truly amazing!


My first convention was in Houston, TX.   I left the convention with new found enthusiasm and determination.  I was determined to make it to NSD as quickly as possible.  I was just an RSD at the time.  In just 6 weeks, the 3 ladys that went to Champions with me moved up to RSD and I made SRSD.  A month later I was ESD.  At 8 months I was a NSD and when I returned to convention that year, I was at $50,000 President's Club. 


Definately, life altering!!!  Pennie Berk, NSD

Regina Morris, NSD
Convention was an inspirational eye opener for me. I felt more apart of Ameriplan as a company than any other company I've ever had a 'job' with in the past. Often when I attended conventions for my 'jobs' it was sheer torture to stay awake and focused during the conventions. I felt lost and just not motivated to even be there. It was so different at convention. I couldn't get enough! I was cheering others on, I was crying at their stories, and I felt like I was part of a greater whole. It was the community spirit and the testimonials of all those others who were on that stage sharing their stories that was so inspirational to me. The people on stage were real people just like me. They didn't have any "magic wands" to buildup their business. They had determination and persistence. I truly believe that Ameriplan will be my families answer for financial freedom. I left the convention with a renewed committment to my goals.  I had an ibo of mine attend as well and she is now an RSD and is building her organization. I highly recommend going to convention and brining as many of your team with you as possible.

Becky Blacka, NSD

Kristie Wooten, NSD

I remember the first time Janie asked me to attend a convention.  My first thought was "I don't need to go to one of those things."  BUT, she told me the event would help me to grow my business so that I could reach my goal of firing my boss and coming home to my kids.  I trusted her because she has been there and done that. I made a decision when I first started AmeriPlan to be coachable and do what Janie and the other leaders were doing!  If she told me that's what it took the get to where I wanted to get, I was going to listen!!  So, I hopped on a plane and headed to Texas!!  I remember walking in the huge ballroom where convention was held and I got chills and my eyes filled with tears!  WOW, this company is the REAL THING!!!!  The energy of the room was powerful!!  When I was listening to the NVPs and NSDs tell their stories on stage, I got EXCITED!!  Because what I noticed was these were ordinary people doing extraordinary things!!  And the ONLY thing that made them different from me was that they had been here longer!!!!


I have never met so many genuinely decent people in my life as I have since I've been with AmeriPlan.  I have been to many events and each time, I have met more people in AmeriPlan, learned more and taken away soooo many gold nuggets.  I attended my first convention as an SRSD.  I came home and hit ESD within three weeks!  I attended the FAHT Journey to Freedom event as an ESD.  I came home and hit SESD within two weeks and NSD two weeks after that!!!  YOU can do that too!!!


I cannot stress enough how much these events have had a positive impact on my business and my life.  Attending company events will make all the difference in your business.  If you have the vision of what this company will do for you and your family but you feel a little stuck OR you're full speed ahead and you want to continue that, GET TO CONVENTION!!!!!!  You will not regret it!!  It is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again!!!  It is going to be an AMAZING event with so many company announcements, speakers, training, encouragement, food, fun, the whole nine yards.  I am sooooo there and I hope to see a lot of you there too!!!  I look forward to meeting you!!!


Kristie Wooten

National Sales Director

Marjorie & John Butler, NSD

I attended my first convention just a few months after I got my Ameriplan business started. It was exciting to meet Daniel and Dennis Bloom, Janie Jones and my NSD Kelly Fuller. I remember sitting clear in the back listening and soaking up all the training and testimonials.  I'm so thankful I took that leap of faith in the beginning and spent those two days there.  The positive energy in the room was contageous!  This convention really solidified my belief in Ameriplan and what we have to offer those who are seeking benefits or wanting to work from home.  I was especially touched while listening to several NSD's from The Freedom at Home Team tell their story and how they were able to start at point zero and build their businesses.  Each of us has a different story to tell.   I also remember feeling a bit overwhelmed, thinking, wow, could that ever be me up there telling my story?  This July, it's my turn to walk across the stage as a National Sales Director!    Corporate events have definately changed me and my business for the best!


Marjorie Butler, NSD

Terry Chevrette, NSDs

My first convention I was only an RSD. We were very, very financially strapped at the time. I have a saying that I like to use when the going gets tough; "Never say I can't, Say How can I?" So I thought about how I could get my butt to convention. I decided to drive and found 3 others that were in my situation and we took the 16 hour drive to convention! Let me tell you, it did not seem like 16 hours. We laughed and talked about our businesses, talked about girl stuff, mom stuff, you name it. With the four of us it only cost $25 each for gas :) The hotel room was also divided by four making that managable as well.

The convention was amazing. When I entered the convention room and realized what I was a part of I got all choked up and had tears in my eyes. I knew Ameriplan was a solid company and had many successful people involved but to actually see them and hear them speak on stage made it so real. Having lunch and hanging out with these "successful" people made me realize that they are just people. Just average people. That made me realized I could be successful as well. We also got to meet Dennis and Daniel Bloom and get pictures with them. These two are never seen without a huge smile on their faces! 

My enroller, myself and my ibo were all RSD's at this convention. That grabbed the attention of our upline NSD. Right after convention she took the three of us and started a weekly training call and personally mentored us; all three of us are now NSD's. I attribute this success to our first convention attendance and showing our NSD how serious we were about our businesses.

I am totally hooked and look forward to each convention! I hope to meet many of you at next convention. Remember, don't say I can't go, say HOW can I go?

Terry Chevrette, NSD

Paige Lombardi, NSD
I have attended each Ameriplan Convention since I started with Ameriplan.  No words can truly express the feeling of community and camaraderie you experience at a Convention!  It is something that HAS to be experienced in person!  You meet leaders that you hear on calls, see in emails and work with in training.  Talking with other IBOs from the Freedom At Home Team and with Ameriplan, you see that you are with company who are working toward common goals.  The energy and excitement of meeting fellow team members for the first time helps you come away with more focus and stratetigies that you put into your business to help it grow to new heights.  We have countless leaders and IBOs on the team who have come away from Convention and have made new management levels and income levels!  I went to Convention, 2008 as an ESD and by October was NSD!  IF you want to watch your business bloom, want to learn strategies IN PERSON and are serious about making your own goals, attending a Convention should not be missed!  I look forward to reuniting with FAHT members and meeting new ones!!  See you there!!

Paige Lombardi, NSD

Danielle Browning, NSD

I'll never forget that first convention.  I was a little reluctant to go as I really didn't have the money to attend. My enroller and mentor Kathleen Strooband and my NSD, Kelly Fuller asked me to attend and told me how important it was that I go.  Needless to say, they got their way.


 I sat at a table way in the back with people I didn't know.  At first I was uncomfortable and wondering why I was there.  It didn't take long  to find out.  Everyone was so friendly.  Even Janie Jones our NVP went out of her way to say hello and welcome me. I felt so priviledged as I was in awe of Janie, Kelly and Kathleen. They seemed bigger than life to me from my chair in my home office. Was I ever going to be as successful as they were?


Then the awards presentation began.  I don't know what I was expecting.  Perhaps the Hollywood type, as that is where I hailed from originally.  But, these people weren't the Hollywood type, they were just like me.  Here were oridinary people creating extra ordinary lives.  Not just one or two, but time and time again.  It was then  I realized that if they could do this I could too.   


By the time I left that first convention I had filled my notebook with pages and pages of notes.  I was pumped up and super charged ready to conquer the world, or at the very least my fear of the phone and get on with my dream.  Shortly thereafter I became SRSD. Within three months I was ESD, a month after that SESD and a month after that NSD. 


Now, besides reaching for my dream, it is my goal to get my entire team to convention to allow them to experience this magic for themselves.

Denise Lynch, NSD

I was a Regional Sales Director when I attended my first convention.  For me, attending this event made this business REAL for me.  I was not sure if I should attend because I did not know what to expect or if I would gain anything from attending.   That soon changed once I was amongst so many leaders who were very successful with their Ameriplan business.  I gained knowledge and a sense of freedom that still lives within me.  I had the opportunity to meet so many business partners that I spoke with on the phone day in and day out.  I remembered looking forward to meeting with my enroller, Pennie Berk.  Her excitement about convention became contagious and I just wanted to meet the person who brought me into this wonderful business.  I cannot put into words the enthusiasm one gains from attending convention.  Being able to network with like minded folks will set a higher standard you have for yourself and the success of your Ameriplan business.


I did not promote convention much during my first year and wished I did.  I just wanted to make sure it was not a gimmick of some sort.  Then I attended and convention became a necessity for my team.  I have been encouraging my team members to attend convention because what they will get out of it will really change their perception of this business/industry.  I remember seeing so many IBOs walking across the stage as SRSDs and above, and I was already dreaming of my year when I would walk across that same stage.  This year I will be walking across the stage as a new NSD.  How exciting is that?  But the best part is I will not be doing it alone, but with so many other FANTASTIC leaders in my organization.  This year's convention will be one of the best yet and I cannot wait to attend.  I hope to see you there too!!!

Tracy Jones, NSD
My enrollers were Joel and Terry Chevrette. Terry and I had set  a goal for me to be RSD before I went to convention.  Well  on 6/28/2007 the day before convention, I signed up my last IBO and made it to RSD! I was sooo excited I had to call Terry and Denise who were carpooling together on a 13 hour trip..   to the convention and tell her. I was so excited and new that I had met  my 1st goal and that when I went to convention nothing was going to hold me back ! Well I have to say my 1st convention was amazing! I laughed, I cried, it was soo exciting to see my team members and upline that I had worked so close with on the phones! I met so many Leaders that I had only seen pictures of and heard  their voices on the training calls. You could just feel the inspiration and happiness feel the whole room!  We shared Ameriplan talk and shared tips on our business and even took pictures with Dennis and Daniel Bloom (the founders and owners of Ameriplan). I came home and was ready to work like I never worked before and now look at me I am NSD . I am a firm believer in conventions, I believe if you just take a leap of faith and go to your 1st convention. Then you will be waiting impatiently for all the other ones to come your way! Tracy Jones, NSD

Colleen Gatto, NSD

My first convention was so motivational both personally and for my business.  At the time I had just made it to ESD and was excited to get that "feeling" everyone talked about regarding their 1st Convention.  I had been to AmeriPlan events before but never a convetion.  I didn't understand what was so big and different about it but I must say it is an expierience you must all go through.


At first I was hesitant around all the amazing NSD's, but with open arms they welcomed myself and everyone else right in.  To be in a room with thousands of other successful AmeriPlan IBO's is such a rush.  You sit there watching team member after team member walk across that stage share their stories or say their name.  You wonder and hope that YOU will be that person the next year.  You listen to all of corporate and have a whole different view on what they do and how this company really works.  You watch Dennis and Daniel and feel that amazing vibe they are throwing out there and it hits you like nothing else.  If you can afford one AmeriPlan event to go to make it CONVENTION.  It will change your business for the better.  You will be effected in a positive way from this expierience I promise you.  Not only do you get to meet amazing leaders but you get to hear their stories and know you are not alone with your struggles.  Everyone has a reason WHY they are here so make Convention 2009 part of your goals for the year.  You will not regret it.   

Colleen Gatto
National Sales Director

Rebecca Lomis-Stephan, NSD

My name is Rebecca Lomis-Stephan NSD and I cannot say enough about conventions. They inspire you, get your blood pumping and you learn so much. Not to mention all of the great people you get to meet. I love everyone of them and would not miss one for the life of me no matter what.


My husband got laid off a few weeks ago and I toyed with the fact that I may not get to go but guess what we made it happen. So no matter what at least look at it and see if you can go. I think it would be the best decission you ever made!

Rebecca Lomis-Stephan NSD/NT

Stephanie Turner, NSD

My first event is when everything became real for me!  Up until that point, my AmeriPlan business was simply a telephone and computer lap-top where I sat alone at my kitchen table dialing prospects and reciting a script.  Honestly, I really wasn't sure what to expect from an AmeriPlan event, and I was very aprehensive about attending because it would mean my first night away from my young son, Andrew.


I was truly unprepared for the life my business would take on by attending the event.  It allowed me to make personal connections with top leaders and peers.  Like-minded individuals who were on the same path I was on who could relate and were very supportive of the goals I was working to achieve.  I was surprised by the warmth and kindness of the top leaders who openly shared their pearls of wisdom with me; someone who had never seen success before in this industry and so determined for this to be my new career.  I am truly grateful for the life long friendships that began at that first event.


I returned home after my first event with renewed strength of knowing I wasn't alone.  There were others just like me; in their homes at their kitchen tables in their fuzzy bunny slippers who were working towards achieving their goals too.  I met the people who successfully broke out of the 9-5 grind and were testaments that it really is possible to live your dreams.  I also had a new-found level of self-confidence and excitement that came from my experience which paved the way for amazing growth in my business.


I wish you could bottle up the experiences from an event for all of our team members who have not had the chance to go, but unfortunately you just can't.  It's a powerful, personal experience for everyone who attends.  But, I can say that for me... it's when the four walls of my kitchen opened up into a world of possibilities and it all became REAL!


Stephanie Turner

National Sales Director


Michelle Stefferson, NSD

Attending National Convention is one of the most important things that you can do for your business and for yourself!!

My First National Event was back in February of 2006. I wasnt sure what I was to expect being that I went to other events with other Companies I tried in the past.

I do have to say that Attending that event DID change my life.

I got to see the Face and the Heart of Ameriplan and what a great Company and Opportunity that I have found. I met Most everyone that attended the calls, My enroller, My Awesome upline :), And Many others.

Yes, I got to see the Heart and Soul of Ameriplan!


I have attened EVERY event since then and could never imagine not attending.

Not only do I get to see My very Best Friends in the whole world "My Ameriplan Family", I get to network with others on other teams and find friendship in everyone of them as well and My check grows after attending National Convention.


If you are contemplating whether or not you should go, .... Let me give you my Heart.

Please, Do it for YOU Do it for your Family. GO!... It will change your life!


Getting started, 50.00

Getting your Ticket to Convention, 200.00

Attending National Convention... PRICELESS!!


Michelle Stefferson

National Sales Director

Debbie Tuley, NSD
I am so grateful that I made the choice to attend my very first convention within just a few months of signing up. I realized I needed to go if I was going to be serious in working my business. Money was very tight back then, so thank goodness for a supportive husband.  I am a firm believer in investing in the future. It is always worth it!
The convention was life changing: it definitely showed me that AmeriPlan is a company with integrity and heart.  It had outstanding speakers, training classes and panels of Ameriplan leaders that we all learned from. We were all cheering for our team members when they went on stage to receive their awards and recognition of pin levels.  I was definitely imagining myself up on stage: I was taking that walk on stage with the microphone in hand letting people know I was a National Sales Director. I learned then that I needed to see it first for it to really happen.
Meeting our FAHT leaders for the first time sketched a memory I will never forget.  At first, I was in awe of all of them knowing what they had accomplished in their business, but I soon realized they were ordinary people that started in the same place where I was at that time. They had big Whys and worked on them consistently: there wasn't any magic formula to their success. I knew if they could do it then I could too.
What an amazing experience I had during my first convention!  I remember that one, more than any other, except the time during the last convention when I went on stage to announce I was a National Sales Director.

I cannot express the joy we have when we meet new team members, because it brings back those memories of us when we were IBOs, or RSDs attending our first convention.  We know ahead that you will be taking notes, crying at the testimonies clapping to the music, and having one of the best times of your life.  And?take your camera and just get there  - you will receive so much back from your investment? You are worth it and You will do Great things - Believe in yourself, because we believe in YOU. I look forward in meeting you and welcoming you to our family.

Jennifer May, NSD
Wow! Well, where do I start? All I can say is go to the Events!!! I started in Jan. 2008 and have been to every single event that we have had through Ameriplan and the Freedom at Home Team! When I started I admit I was more than excited and driven to make this happen, but I never knew how even more excited I could be! When I went to my first event my second month in the business, it made it even more real and more Amazing! The training, tools and meeting everyone is absolutely surreal!!! I came back everytime and became even more unstoppable and determined to have my dreams come true, and those on this team!!!! One of the main reasons I hit National Sales Director on my year anniversary is because of attending the events! You realize how true the people are and how much love and support this company and team have!!! I will never miss an event and look forward to my many more in the future!!!!

Susan & Justin Goodknight, NSDs

Anyone who knows me knows that I did NOT want to attend an event.  I figured they would be boring and I didn't think I needed a convention to help me.  But, one of my close friends BEGGED me to go with her and I did.  I walked into the event thinking I was going to be bored for the next 48 hours.  What I did not expect from the event was to find something in myself.  I began to find belief that I CAN be successful, that I CAN build this business IF I work it.  I ended up taking so many notes that I actually had to get another pad of paper!  I was a sponge the entire weekend absorbing all the knowledge I could, asking all the questions of the NSDs and NVPs that I ran into. 


I came home and made a commitment to myself that I had not done in my first 11 months.  You see, I worked my business VERY part-time.  But, coming home from the event I made a commitment that I would work 10 hours a week.  I did that and within 5 weeks my income went from around 180.00/mo to over 500.00/mo.   I had a different view of my business and I worked different and I had a more positive outlook and my team saw this.  They saw this change in me and became excited just as I was.  


I have yet to miss an event as I know what they do for me and my business.  Justin went to his first event July 2007 and walked out a VERY supportive spouse!  It changed his views on the business as well!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the summer 2007 Dallas Event!

Tina & William Sarnicola, NSDs

My first Ameriplan Convention was amazing!   It is difficult to summarize the experience.   After 2 1/2 years in the business, I finally made it.   I went to my very first convention as a National Sales Director, $25,000 President's Club Member and a First Time Attendee.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I felt like I knew them forever.  The atmosphere is absolutely indescribable.  The success stories that you hear are inspiring and motivating.   The general meetings and panel discussions were very informative.   The information you receive and the recognition is invaluable. 


After the general meeting ended, I sat outside in the courtyard to write down what I was feeling because I never wanted to forget my first convention experience and I wanted to always be able to go back to that time and remember how I felt when I was there.  I felt invigorated and ready to go!  I promised myself that I would never miss another convention.  It was an eye opening experience for me.  Each day I remind myself to look to the future and to leave behind what drags me down.

Amy Shapiro, NSD

Christina Wiler, NSD

Kathleen Strooband, NSD

Michael & Kathy Dennehy, NSDs

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Brandy Gray, NSD
attending Ameriplan's National Convention

Shara Benton, NSD

Shona Hill, NSD

Sonja & Ken Hicks, NSDs

Theresa & John Dosch, NSDs


Vicki Crabtree, NSD

Wanda Bowers, NSD

Keren Brown Keener, NSD

Elizabeth Carter, NSD

Kelly Roberts, NSD

Charlene Muellenberg, NSD

Ameriplan National Convention 2009.
LQQK who is attending (so far)!

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Harve Retta






















































Maria Mia































Pennie and Adam





Lomis- Stephan























Sonja And Ken


Susan & Justin






Theresa & John




Tina And William




























Ameriplan National Convention


Dallas, TX

July 9-11, 2009


March 17th 2009  
  General Registration Open for Individual Seat
Purchases Indiviuals seat price is $219
April 1st 2009  
  IBOs Joining AmeriPlan this Date or later Receive
the Early Bird Price of $219
May 22nd 2009  
  Early bird Pricing ends
May 23rd 2009  
  Registration Closes AmeriPlan Will Accept On-site
Registrations at $249 Per Seat



We wanted to make sure that you don't slip through the convention without giving us the opportunity to meet you, so we have scheduled a team get together on: 

Thursday, July 9th , 9am - 12:00 

   Note:   please make sure you arrive on July 8th  so you can attend our Thursday morning team meeting!
This is your opportunity to meet with  top producers and top recruiters from the Freedom at Home Team!! We will also have lots of recognition! 



We are planning on having a get together on  Saturday night for the Freedom at Home team members on:
Satuday, July 11th , 7:30 pm   
This is a great time to relax and talk about  convention AND meet the Freedom at home team leaders and team members!

After our team meeting, we can then join the live band that will be on that evening.

Remember, this is a business expense and it is a great deduction.   The knowledge and training that you will receive from this event is priceless!

We are excited and looking forward to meeting all the new faces with our team and looking forward to reuniting with all familar faces at convention this year in Dallas!

  It will be an incredible meeting.  See you there!!!



This is a REALLY nice hotel....
And while we know you wouldn't attend an event just for the hotel (smile), it is nice to know you're staying in a really comfortable and beautiful place!

Hilton Anatole Hotel
2201 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207
Dallas, TX 75207

Just North of downtown Dallas business district, three miles from the recently expanded Dallas Convention Center, 25 minutes from Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport and 10 minutes from convenient Love Field: surrounded by major business, entertainment, dining and sports facilities.

If you are planning on going, please email Amy Shapiro an email and she will coordinate roommate situations so that we can all keep the cost next to nothing!  Please tell her your age, whether you smoke or not and which nights (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday) you would want a roommate for.  Roommates will be confirmed once you have your ticket for Ameriplan's National Convention.
But because of our special Ameriplan group rate, it's only $132.00 per night.

Keep in mind, depending on how you coordinate your travel, you can stay anywhere from 1 to 4 nights at the hotel. 
If it is possible for you to stay four nights I recommend flying in Wednesday and leaving Sunday morning as this gives you plenty of time to hang out with other Freedom At Home Team members, get to know one another, share ideas and talk about your businesses!  If you share a room your total hotel room costs if you stay four nights is anywhere from  $132.00 plus tax.
To Break it Down:
If you are sharing a room with one other person, it's only  $66.00 per night (plus tax)
If you share with 2 people, then it's only  $44.00 per night (plus tax)
and if you share with 3 people...then it's only  $33.00 per night
Just an fyi....
Hotel Reservations "Cut-Off Date" - June 26, 2009.




Janie and Michael Jones featured front cover of Simply Homes
May 2008

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Janie Jones HBC 2007

Come meet Janie Jones, NVP, one of the many successful leaders who is a Stay-At-Home Mom and after over 4 years with Ameriplan, now makes over $400,000 a year.  Janie and her husband Michael both work at home for Ameriplan, earning a residual income that allows them to work around their family's schedule.

Janie Jones featured "Simply Home Magazine" May/June 2007

Janie and Michael Jones featured in "Home Business Connection" November 2006

Janie Jones featured in Success From Home Magazine March 2005.